March 3, 2014

This week was a little strange and tough. We had been working with an investigator and she gave up and decided that she didn’t want any more with the church. It is also Carnaval here in Brasil so the city is basically shut down and at night there is nothing but drunk people on the streets. We stay pretty far from the real ruckus though. We had very few members, let alone no investigators in church. So it was a bit of a tough one to bite, but we had an incredible testimony meeting this Sunday and it was really good to learn from the examples of service we have seen between the members here in the branch. It was so good to be able to fast and to reflect on myself and think a lot about how much better I need to be doing and to think about some big lessons that I have learned in the past. I feel so good to be out on the mission and I literally don’t know what I will do when I am back. I love the gospel, more than ever I know that this is the true church of God. I agree completely with what one of the apostles said, if the church wasn’t true, a bunch of 19 year old boys would've destroyed it a long time ago. Well I sure hope I am helping build it here. I just want to do my best, and learn what I am supposed to so I can be a better son, brother, and one day husband and father and employee and member and citizen and whatever else life calls for me. When Carnaval started on Friday we just knocked a bunch of doors and it doesn’t end until Thursday, then I will go to Campinas again for a meeting then I will be in another area to do an interview. It’s going to be another big week coming up but I am excited to go for it. I am so proud of Levi. I have met some wonderful people here mom, they are just incredible. It’s a different world here but it’s really good once you look past a few things. I really liked Elder Evans and the things he said, and I really hope that all the missionaries take that to the heart. It’s been fun going to Campinas but I just feel like I never have time to do the work that I want to here in my area. It’s been a great week and will be good! I hope everything is going well for you mom. I miss you so much. Oh I got some shirts re-sized so they don’t look like tents on me. I feel a million times better now. You will see in the pictures :) I love you so much mom! Have such a great week and make it happy ok!

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