March 17, 2014

Hey Mom,

I am sorry it is so late, we had a great p day today and went to visit some members form a nearby city. (When I say nearby I mean like an hour and a half) but they go to our chapel and they really take awesome care of us. This week after our mission tour, which was great by the way, we were walking to the big bus station in Campinas and Nina and her family called and they met me at the bus station and bought three big bags of food for us to take home and then gave us fifty reais to spend too. It was so kind, it’s so crazy. Right now the Lord has been blessing us so much materially. A few weeks ago I was in a stick to pay my fast offerings, and the normal amount I usually give, I really needed the money but I paid the normal amount I give. And ever since then the blessings have poured out for all of us here. It’s so great to be able to strengthen my testimony of tithing and fast offerings.

Mom, this letter is so great. I love hearing about your spiritual experiences out at home, you are helping me so much. I am just so happy for all of our family. We are all so blessed. It’s so cool that we have the opportunity to live in this day in which the Lord truly is hastening his work. It’s crazy with how much the opposition has grown but we already know who wins this battle. It’s time to wear the right jersey without shame. I love that quote you sent me mom. I have been reading Jesus the Christ and it’s incredible. I have been so happy to be able to know more about my Savior and feel closer too. I just got done reading about His meeting with Nicodemus, and wow, we can all apply so much of that to our lives. I think so many of us are just like him. It’s becoming one of my favorite passages in the bible.

This week was really tough to get all of our work done with the time spent in Campinas, but we were very blessed with great progress, and a surprise investigator who came to church for the first time with her son, and loved it. We will be teaching her this week. Her name is Alessandra. Pray for her and for Mirelli so they can make the right choices. This week has been great mom, but i have to run and prepare a lot of things for our zone meeting tomorrow, I hope to be able to tell lots of great miracles that will happen this next week. I love you so much. Thanks so much for the wonderful email mom. You are the best. I love you,

Elder Sunsy

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