March 24, 2014

         That email was incredible! I loved it so much!!! I want you to send the talk please and whatever else. Tell Dave what a great teacher he is for me. That is so cool because this week in our zone meeting I hit a tiny bit about Joseph and the courage he had to choose the right. But my lesson was very superficial compared to this, wow, so good!
         I still haven’t gotten the package but I got transferred so I will be going to Campinas tomorrow to see where I will be going. It was quite a week mom; it was a great time to tell the truth.
         We had our zone meeting on Tuesday and then I went to Albuquerque's area to do a division with him. It ended up going way long and I stayed there until Saturday. It was the best week I have had in a long time, and we were able to talk about past experiences that we had and rekindle our great desires to do the Lord's work.
         Albuquerque will be a friend through all the eternities and I am so grateful for the example he is to me. We did a lot of good work there. We went to visit a family of recent converts that live way out in the boonies on a farm, we had to get a car ride with members to get there and it was way dark at night. We had to open up a few cow gates and scare off the cows so they would get out of the way of the road. It was so much fun. That night Albuquerque had borrowed a guitar and had the lyrics and chords to "Take me home, Country Roads" by John Denver and he played and I sang. It was such a fun time. 
         We taught a member's daughter in law also, she isn’t married and we talked a lot with her about the importance of marriage before the Lord, and I was getting ready to lay down a bunch of scriptures to show the importance but the Spirit stopped me, and told me just to bare testimony, and I did and it was never easier because I am so so so grateful for the blessings that the temple has brought our family. It was the best feeling ever, and the lady started crying I was having trouble to keep the tears in but we got through ha ha and it was great. She said she would talk a lot better with her "husband" and get back with us. 
         Then Elder Brayden, my way good buddy who is going home today, came to visit the area because he started his mission there and he chose to go back to visit it. So it was a really great time to see him and to be able to say goodbye, he is such a great buddy and I will for sure be keeping in contact with him. He taught me so much here on the mission. Such a cool kid, got accepted into Chicago University for grad school in paleontology. So I might have to visit Chicago sometime.
         When I got back on Saturday, my comp had introduced a family that they found while I was gone, and this family is extremely ready to receive the gospel! We had taught them about the Book of Mormon and they accepted baptism, we do have to get the parents married first but the daughter who is 20 ish accepted and asked if she could bring friends with her to church also. It was such a blessing.
         We marked a baptismal date with Mirelle, but her work keeps falling through on her so she ends up working on Sundays and so we decided to throw her date back a little, but she is progressing and it is easy to perceive her growing close with our Savior.
         These last two transfers were really tough here in this area, and all that I did lead up to finding these people and I hope that they will be baptized in the future. I learned so much about patience and love here, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to be here. It was the best week I have had in a long, long time. I love this work so much, and I am so grateful for the blessings we have from the gospel, most importantly my eternal family. I love you so much mom and dad, thanks so much for the blessings you brought to us all! I love you!

Elder Paynter (Sunsy) 

March 17, 2014

Hey Mom,

I am sorry it is so late, we had a great p day today and went to visit some members form a nearby city. (When I say nearby I mean like an hour and a half) but they go to our chapel and they really take awesome care of us. This week after our mission tour, which was great by the way, we were walking to the big bus station in Campinas and Nina and her family called and they met me at the bus station and bought three big bags of food for us to take home and then gave us fifty reais to spend too. It was so kind, it’s so crazy. Right now the Lord has been blessing us so much materially. A few weeks ago I was in a stick to pay my fast offerings, and the normal amount I usually give, I really needed the money but I paid the normal amount I give. And ever since then the blessings have poured out for all of us here. It’s so great to be able to strengthen my testimony of tithing and fast offerings.

Mom, this letter is so great. I love hearing about your spiritual experiences out at home, you are helping me so much. I am just so happy for all of our family. We are all so blessed. It’s so cool that we have the opportunity to live in this day in which the Lord truly is hastening his work. It’s crazy with how much the opposition has grown but we already know who wins this battle. It’s time to wear the right jersey without shame. I love that quote you sent me mom. I have been reading Jesus the Christ and it’s incredible. I have been so happy to be able to know more about my Savior and feel closer too. I just got done reading about His meeting with Nicodemus, and wow, we can all apply so much of that to our lives. I think so many of us are just like him. It’s becoming one of my favorite passages in the bible.

This week was really tough to get all of our work done with the time spent in Campinas, but we were very blessed with great progress, and a surprise investigator who came to church for the first time with her son, and loved it. We will be teaching her this week. Her name is Alessandra. Pray for her and for Mirelli so they can make the right choices. This week has been great mom, but i have to run and prepare a lot of things for our zone meeting tomorrow, I hope to be able to tell lots of great miracles that will happen this next week. I love you so much. Thanks so much for the wonderful email mom. You are the best. I love you,

Elder Sunsy

March 10, 2014

It's Tilapia, it was really good but, I was a little weird-ed out
at first because they eat it with the scales on but it was good!

Isn't it gorgeous? The land!  And you too Preston ha-ha!

   Hey mumsy,
    Well just to answer all the questions. Yeah but our time change happened a couple weeks ago, now we should be three hours apart I think. Well I must say I sure am excited to be able to participate in Loretta’s Sunday school lessons, and Dave’s too. They are some great teachers. I have gotten pretty tired of the gospel principles manual. Ha-ha but I really like the story about her grandson. I remember them talking about him. He went to Argentina right? Well I know I would be hating my life if I hadn’t gone on the mission. I sure had some things to give up and at times satan tries to tell me I would be better off if I hadn’t gone. But my life has changed more than I thought possible. I feel like my eyes have opened and now I understand how many opportunities we have in our lives. If I had stayed home, I don’t think I would have ever left West Jordan. Ha-ha jk. But I feel like there were times before the mission when I was working really hard, but now I have learned how to work. I am just excited to work hard to achieve much higher goals now. Also, I have learned so much about our Savior now. It’s just so good to feel so close to Him. The testimony that I have now is so much more solid. I see so many things in the world and things that people do but thanks to the things I have learned and felt temptations aren’t nearly as tempting and I feel like our true strength comes from learning more about the Savior. Our spirits our able to become better masters over our bodies. And I know that there will be many moments in the future when I will feel blessed for what I have learned here or will use some bit of knowledge to help me later on. Yeah, the mission sucks a lot. I feel like nobody says that, but it needs to be difficult and awful at times so we can learn more. But I have to pinch myself to remember that I am in Brasil, and I have such cool opportunities, and I have friends in the other part of the world not to mention the other friends that I have made that will be going back to the states.
    So yeah, that’s that.
    Well I really miss some good ol' Mexican ish food like Cafe Rio and all the other goodies we got back in the states. I am way excited to get the package, and to get the workouts rolling strong! Ha-ha it’s been fun to be with dedicated missionaries in the house. I am really happy with what we have going here. Well that’s cool that you saw Corb, and he is dating, aww yeahhhh ha-ha I am surprised Marcus isn’t married yet..... Ha-ha.
    Well my comp is great. this transfer has been super stressful because with all this traveling we had no time to put up some good numbers but we planned out a good week, and just got some news that there will be another mission tour this Wednesday and yes, that means that we will lose two days of work so we can go to Campinas. But we have some activities planned here in the branch for Saturday and I am excited for the turnout to see how it goes. We had a leadership counsel with the branch I feel like it was really good to finally get us back on the same page. It has been a long time since we have had any activity because of Carnaval and the temple nights, but they recognized that the attendance has also fallen a bit because they neglected the activities. So I am happy for what we have planned this week and just can’t wait to work hard.
    Conference will be great, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to watch it in English this time. Who knows? I think I will stay another transfer, I hope so also because I want to make up for what wasn’t done with all this traveling.
     Our apartment still needs to be painted, and yes I sleep on the top bunk so I put a fan on a chair and aim it up so it can reach but it’s a pretty weak fan so I have to wait until my body cools down quite a bit before I am able to sleep. Yeah it’s hot here which is good, but still in need of a boat and a wake board. Ha-ha.
    Wow, he really got hit by the pneumonia, I sure hope he gets better soon. I sure miss all of you mom, this week has been pretty normal to say the least, another trip to Campinas and running around like a chicken to teach. Hah I love you so much and hope your week is amazing. I will send some pictures now. I love you.
    Elder Sunsy