September 29, 2014

Hey mom,
     This week was yet another blur. We have some great investigators and they are all weeping that I am going home soon. I hope we can get them baptized and on the Lord's path. 
     Well the young man wasn't baptized yet, but we are still working with him. The young mother went again to church and she is loving it. We brought a recent convert newlywed couple to her house to give her some friends. 
We really feel such great love from all the members here and I couldn't think of a better place to end the mission. On friday at about three in the afternoon, it got really dark because of the big rain clouds and it seemed like nighttime. It rained really hard and didn't stop. We had to go home to iron our clothes to dry them and we decided we were going to make cookies to give to our investigators to show our love for them. So we made six plates of cookies, and took two to some members who are so great to us and help us out a lot and four to our investigators. We wrote each one a letter to let them know how great the gospel is and how excited we are for them to receive the blessings of the Lord. 
     Sunday came around and President Perrotti came to the ward with his wife to speak. Later on at night we went to a fireside in the stake and yes, president spoke again. It was really cool though. Its really too bad that this wonderful time is coming to an end. I am excited to start working towards school and my own family some day, but I will really really miss the people here in Brazil. 
     It was a great week, and I am sorry I didn't have too much time to write. I also found out yesterday that we won’t go the temple anymore because we have our multi-zone conference. We are all pretty bummed, but I will still go with the other missionaries who will be leaving home with me. So at least I will get my last visit in. I cant wait to go with you and dad at our ward temple night the week I get back. 
     I hope you are having a wonderful week. I sure love you and miss you and will write you and talk to you next week. Next week is the last one!!!!!!! I love you so much!

Elder Paynter

September 22, 2014

Hey Mumsy,
I really liked your letter this week. Sounds like you all had such a wonderful time and that you guys sure are making good use of the cabin now. I am glad. 
I still remember that temple dedication when I was younger. I think it was the Nauvoo re dedication or something. But it was marvelous. I really miss the temple and can’t wait to go soon! Our zone is assigned for a temple session on october 7th. So excited, it will be the second time I have been to the temple after leaving the MTC. 
Saturday was wonderful time. I could not believe anything it was just so wonderful. He had always dreamt of going to England, and when I was teaching him he talked about he had thought about doing an exchanged student thing to work there. Little did he know we he had a different work coming up for him there. It was pretty cool. Its pretty crazy to hear a Brazillian getting his call out of South America. So we were all shocked, and even more surprised when we saw that it was London. He is a really valiant person, and he will work really hard, I am sure. I am just so excited for him. 
Well this week was just weird for a lot of the time. For some reason it was a little rough in the sense of numbers and such. The other companionship in the house said the same thing and we had no clue why. 
It finally rained a little bit here which was good. But we still need a whole lot more. We have been spending tons of time in the sun, and I will come back looking like a thanksgiving turkey with a fried red face. But we have been praying a lot lately to have lots of investigators who will understand the gospel and who will be able to partake of all of its blessings. And we have found some great people, even though it was a little rough this week. Hopefully we will have a baptism of a young man who has been going to church for 8 weeks now. We have tried so hard to get the permission of his mother to start teaching him, yesterday we grabbed a high councilman and showed up at her house unexpected and we got her permission. Everything is set, tomorrow we will start giving him the lessons. 
Yesterday, some other friends from another ward came and visited and it was so good to see them. We weren’t expecting too many investigators to show up either but we were really blessed and a single mother of two actually came. She packed up her young ones and walked to church. It was so cool to see people that are committed and wanting to receive the Lords blessings. 
     This week was literally a blur, and cant believe that one more passed already. It still feels like I have a few more months here on the mission and I think it will be kinda sad when it hits me. What a great place, with wonderful people. I will miss them all so much.  This work is wonderful, I am so glad and blessed by my mission.

I love you Mumsy!