March 10, 2014

It's Tilapia, it was really good but, I was a little weird-ed out
at first because they eat it with the scales on but it was good!

Isn't it gorgeous? The land!  And you too Preston ha-ha!

   Hey mumsy,
    Well just to answer all the questions. Yeah but our time change happened a couple weeks ago, now we should be three hours apart I think. Well I must say I sure am excited to be able to participate in Loretta’s Sunday school lessons, and Dave’s too. They are some great teachers. I have gotten pretty tired of the gospel principles manual. Ha-ha but I really like the story about her grandson. I remember them talking about him. He went to Argentina right? Well I know I would be hating my life if I hadn’t gone on the mission. I sure had some things to give up and at times satan tries to tell me I would be better off if I hadn’t gone. But my life has changed more than I thought possible. I feel like my eyes have opened and now I understand how many opportunities we have in our lives. If I had stayed home, I don’t think I would have ever left West Jordan. Ha-ha jk. But I feel like there were times before the mission when I was working really hard, but now I have learned how to work. I am just excited to work hard to achieve much higher goals now. Also, I have learned so much about our Savior now. It’s just so good to feel so close to Him. The testimony that I have now is so much more solid. I see so many things in the world and things that people do but thanks to the things I have learned and felt temptations aren’t nearly as tempting and I feel like our true strength comes from learning more about the Savior. Our spirits our able to become better masters over our bodies. And I know that there will be many moments in the future when I will feel blessed for what I have learned here or will use some bit of knowledge to help me later on. Yeah, the mission sucks a lot. I feel like nobody says that, but it needs to be difficult and awful at times so we can learn more. But I have to pinch myself to remember that I am in Brasil, and I have such cool opportunities, and I have friends in the other part of the world not to mention the other friends that I have made that will be going back to the states.
    So yeah, that’s that.
    Well I really miss some good ol' Mexican ish food like Cafe Rio and all the other goodies we got back in the states. I am way excited to get the package, and to get the workouts rolling strong! Ha-ha it’s been fun to be with dedicated missionaries in the house. I am really happy with what we have going here. Well that’s cool that you saw Corb, and he is dating, aww yeahhhh ha-ha I am surprised Marcus isn’t married yet..... Ha-ha.
    Well my comp is great. this transfer has been super stressful because with all this traveling we had no time to put up some good numbers but we planned out a good week, and just got some news that there will be another mission tour this Wednesday and yes, that means that we will lose two days of work so we can go to Campinas. But we have some activities planned here in the branch for Saturday and I am excited for the turnout to see how it goes. We had a leadership counsel with the branch I feel like it was really good to finally get us back on the same page. It has been a long time since we have had any activity because of Carnaval and the temple nights, but they recognized that the attendance has also fallen a bit because they neglected the activities. So I am happy for what we have planned this week and just can’t wait to work hard.
    Conference will be great, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to watch it in English this time. Who knows? I think I will stay another transfer, I hope so also because I want to make up for what wasn’t done with all this traveling.
     Our apartment still needs to be painted, and yes I sleep on the top bunk so I put a fan on a chair and aim it up so it can reach but it’s a pretty weak fan so I have to wait until my body cools down quite a bit before I am able to sleep. Yeah it’s hot here which is good, but still in need of a boat and a wake board. Ha-ha.
    Wow, he really got hit by the pneumonia, I sure hope he gets better soon. I sure miss all of you mom, this week has been pretty normal to say the least, another trip to Campinas and running around like a chicken to teach. Hah I love you so much and hope your week is amazing. I will send some pictures now. I love you.
    Elder Sunsy

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