July 22, 2013

Dear Mumsy,
         Sounds like everything is just great at home and it's so great to hear from you! Things here have been incredible it was a tougher week but still great, sadly no, we didn’t baptize but I am hoping to have one this next week, and a family the week after, so we will see how well things go! But I was made district leader and our zone is so small that we only have one district. So it’s been a little pressure and I have been learning a lot of new things about administration ha ha but it has been really nice and fun. Half of our zone are sister missionaries and it just keeps gaining more! It has been a super busy week with training, my son doesn't really know much Portuguese but he is very willing and has been working really hard with me. I have been really blessed, his name is Elder Dorman and I have just loved it my time with him. I can't wait to break the shell a little more and see who he really is but for now he is incredible and will be a great missionary one day!
How is Levi doing mom? It was so great to hear about Lacey, she wrote me such an incredible letter and I was able to see some changes in her. I have no doubt whatsoever that she was an incredible instructor! 
         Mom, I am happier than ever here on the mission, I miss you and love you but I really am just loving every second of my life, I don't even want to sleep because I want to make use of each second! I hope you have such a great week! Hugs and kisses mom!
I love you

Elder Sunsy

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