July 31, 2013

Hey Dad,
         Its been pretty good week. I am very safe and we ended up teaching on our p day so we could baptize soon in the ward!!!!!! Sorry it took so long to get to ya but now I don’t have anytime to say anything. Dad thanks so much for the email, it really means a lot and I love each time I get to hear the wonderful words of my father, I really am striving to give ear to them just like Nephi did from Lehi. I miss you but have never loved the mission so much! Oh and I won’t email until next Thursday because I will be in a big leadership meeting with president on Monday. I am sorry Christmas changed its dates for all of us but it will go back to normal after this next week! Dad, I am so sorry! I love you so much! Have a great week and be so safe! Keep praying for me that I can learn what I need to be an instrument in his hands! Dad, I love you I love you and I am so grateful for all that you do for me!

Elder Paynter

         I love you so much mom! I have to run, but everything is great! Pray for me, and for my comp Elder Dorman so we can learn and grow, and for our district! I love you so much mom! Have such a wonderful week! I am so sorry I can’t respond I am leaving! Won’t email again until next Thursday I have some meetings and such! The mission has never been better, and life has never been better!  Oh send more alfredo packets when you send the package if you haven’t already and send a big hug! Love you mom, hugs hugs and kisses!
Elder Paynter

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