August 12, 2013

     Of course I remember that night Mumsy, it was such a wonderful time. I miss Levi so much mom, and to be quite honest I never thought I would this much but I really can’t wait to make a mess with him again. I can’t believe it’s going to be about 3 years without seeing him, but I think I will be able to handle it. I just cry thinking about it. Please send him a big hug. I am so proud of him. Thanks so much for the ideas mom, this last district meeting went really well, and the spirit really guided me, just that president wasn't there so now I will teach him and the APs along with the zone this week, talk about pressure!!! But it will all work out! 

     I ended buying some cheap shorts a week ago, oh just a heads up, my backpack tore through a while back and I took it to a shoe maker and he fixed it, and this time it tore its basically destroyed..... I am going to try and save up buy I may need to buy a backpack in the future if things don’t work out well ok.

     Thanks so much mom, I am so excited to get the package! And no I can’t get the mini books of Mormon here, everything is made in Brasil here so it is hard to get a lot of religious things that we have available back home. I have really been wanting to give them out. Oh one thing I have been wanting to tell you, one of my memory cards for the camera is whacked out and says it needs to be formatted and will erase everything, I am just going to send it to you to see if you can do anything with it because it’s just giving me trouble, the other memory card I have is almost full, I am thinking I may need to buy a new one soon, let me know what you think. 

     Ha-ha I thought it wasn't the best choice sending them to dad.... ha-ha yeah it’s our district, our zone leaders were going to surprise the district by acting like they were baptizing in the font in white clothes while I was teaching, so when the zone leaders went to change, I made the everyone put on the jumpsuits to be baptized and surprise the zone leaders. It was really fun! Yeah we have tons of sisters here, and I sure hope that we start getting more here! We are really needing to open up a lot of closed areas! The sisters are wonderful missionaries and we are so blessed to have so many in our zone. Things have been going great with our investigators and hopefully we will finally have two baptisms this week! Pray really hard!
     Mumsy, I love you so so much and hope you have a wonderful week. Let me know how everyone is! Did Lacey go back to school yet?! When does everything start up again? How is work mom? Thanks so much for all you do! I love you so much!
mwah, hugs

Hey Dad,
     Thanks a lot for the email paps. I love hearing about your mission, I am so happy to hear about Levi doing well, and his progression. It is so great to hear that. I have just been dying to hear more from him.
     Well this week was just another fly by! We spent almost two whole days out of our area interviewing people and it was kind of stressful but I am learning so much more about serving others and serving where I am called. It has been a great week nonetheless and yesterday was great. Our ward mission leader finally got his mother to allow the missionaries into her house after sixteen years, she gave us lunch after church and for the message I read some scriptures and we sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives. They started tearing up and it was really spiritual. It was something I really needed and really liked.
     I have been thinking so much about life Dad, and how I just want to reach my potential, and about what is stopping me from doing so. It all comes down to work, I am so grateful for every second that I have here and for the things that you and mom have to taught to me. There are no excuses, there is no reason that me and Levi shouldn't be excellent and just hit the moon. I have felt like that is the lesson that Heavenly Father has been trying to teach me this week more than ever. I am so grateful for your prayers dad, and for all of your love. 
     Morgan must be stirring up a storm there at Riverton. I am surprised to see the turnout at West Jordan, oh and who is coaching there now?
     I am really grateful that you were able to give something to the missionaries Dad, the people here treat me so well and give me the best, so don’t hold back with them. I love you so much Dad, I can’t wait to tell you how this week goes and to really just hear more about my Dad. Here it was father’s day yesterday, Dad, thanks so much for all you have done for me. I love you so much and I am so grateful! I love you!
Elder Paynter

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