August 5, 2013

Hey mom, I ended up having p day today. I am way sorry that it changed it didn't even give time for us all to talk much. This week was just super super busy but really great! It’s been three weeks without a baptism for us now and we are starting to get really thirsty! But I hope this week will be the one! Life as a district leader and a trainer, and a missionary over two wards is pretty hectic. Yesterday we got to church at eight thirty am, and went to a members house for an hour for lunch and then we came right back to the church. We didn't leave until nine o' clock because of the meetings we had and the phone calls I had to make! It was super busy!
This week I learned a lot, and gave my first district meeting lesson, and now I am kind of drawing blanks on what I should do for one. We will be having interviews with President Perrotti and the APs will be there so I will have to teach all of them also. Yeah I am pretty intimidated actually. So keep praying for me!
This week has been pretty good but I feel like time is flying by so quickly that I never have time to plan or organize, we are leaving our studies sometimes in the morning so we can leave and teach! Ha-ha it has been really good though.
Last week we set up a ping pong tournament and taught about the Book of Mormon to strengthen their testimonies, one member brought a friend and now we are working with her to get her baptized this week! It was such a funny and great miracle and the tournament was really fun also!
Mom, the mission is just great and I am just in love with every second of it. I am so glad to be a representative of our Savior. To walk like He wants me to, with posture, ha-ha jk. But to think and act as He would. I miss you so much and hope you are doing well mumsy!  I love you so and have a wonderful week! Sorry that things were all switched around and I didn't get time to warn you! I love you and miss you!

Elder Paynter

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