July 15, 2013

Thanks so much for the emails! It has been so great to read such wonderful things about our wonderful family and see more miracles from the hand of God. I know he answers our prayers and my heart is just exploding with gratitude right now. I love you all more than ever, and I am happier than ever before in my life. The Lord has just brought so many great opportunities for me to learn and to grow, and I hope I can keep these things applied in my life. 
This week was super busy, after the baptism of our wonderful family we went to the temple the next day and it was such a wonderful experience. They are all so excited to continue in the gospel and get right into temple work, the bishop challenged them to read the Book of Mormon before the year ends, I am going to do it with them and I want all of us to do it also! After wonderful moments with them, we had our multi zone conference and President Perrotti taught some wonderful things to us all and really changed all of us. He made me go up in front and asked a question to me, he asked me why I was on the mission, I asked him if I could use a scripture to respond, and opened to Philippians 2:10. I am really grateful that I have changed and feel like I am on the mission for the right reasons and my heart is now in the work more than ever. 
We were really hoping on baptizing another young man this week, but it just didn’t work out and Saturday night we went to visit a recent convert, that night we met her sister in law and invited her to be baptized this Sunday, she had already been to church and really liked it. And she said, yeah so we sat down and taught everything to her that night, she was interviewed Sunday night right before her baptism. We had also been teaching another girl, and she really wants to be baptized but was having a tough time with the law of chastity. We taught a super spiritual lesson to her, and told her not to make a choice until after being interviewed, and she decided to be baptized! We were blessed with six baptisms this week! 
So transfers, they are going to divide the zones now, and Elder Batista got transferred, I am really sad because he is incredible, he really is so pure in heart with all that he does and will go very far in life. I will be training and will find out who I train as of tomorrow!!! I am super nervous but really excited! I love you all, keep praying! Time is running out for me! I love you so much and have a wonderful week!!!!!

Love Elder Paynter

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