July 7, 2014

Well I am living in a house of four again with Elder Dormann the Elder I trained, an Elder from Chile, and my comp Elder Papenfuss from Bountiful Utah. He is a way cool kid and works way hard so we are having a good time together. It’s been a fun time, our entire area is pretty humble and we live in the middle of a favela and it’s been a blast. Our house is a little basement and the top part is unfinished and we go up there to watch the fireworks and check out the sunrises in the mornings. It’s been a fun time and lots of work opening the area. But we are having a good time.

There are always tons of kids on the streets here but it’s very difficult to find someone who is married. However everyone is very open and kind. Its heaven here and I really want to finish my mission here! We will see what happens. 

There isn’t anything to do here so for our p day we are going to fly kites and have kite wars with all the kids here in the neighborhood. It will be super fun to be out playing with the little dirty kids in our white shirts and ties. 

I am excited for the package and to be able to send those things off to those people out in Jundiai. They will like it and no worries about the letters if you don’t want to bother mom. Soon enough I will be home, it’s so crazy how quickly time is flying by. I can’t keep up with it. But it’s been a great time. Yeah being able to write and read and speak another language is super fun. It’s still takes me a bit to type it because of all the accents and other things but its way fun. I am buying some books to take home so I can keep up on the language skills. 

Elder Paynter and Elder Dormann

Our rooftop.

Nice View

Elder Papenfuss and Elder Paynter

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