April 28, 2014

Well daddy-o,
This week was just incredible and so full of ups and downs but in the end it was such a great Sunday. It was the best thing ever to see Kaique and his mother and they were just so fun! His mom is crazy, she wouldn’t shake my hand she hugged me in front of everyone at church! But it’s a cultural thing and everyone there understood. It was funny all in all. Kaique has a step-sister that is two and she loves me to death. She didn’t leave me the entire day at church and when it was time to go she cried so much! I can’t wait to see darling Alaynna and be the coolest uncle ever. 
Well we have been teaching this awesome family, and the parents were all ready to get married and getting ready for baptism. We had planned the baptism of the kids this past Sunday and everything was going great. But the father of the family fought with the mom and got really cold with the church. It was pretty devastating because he seemed so truly converted. He said he wouldn’t go to church anymore and what not. We kept going back and we taught his kids and they were baptized this last Sunday. After the baptism, he sent his family to the car and he talked with me and Elder Batista. He said he was holding back because he was the one pushing them all to make the decisions and he wanted to see the rest of his family walk with their own legs to the right path. And when he saw that they did he told us that he is ready to go to register for his marriage and get married and baptized in the church. 
I cannot tell you how great of a feeling it was dad. We were one cloud nine with that. The baptisms went awesome, it was so so so great to see Kaique, but the best part of all was hearing the father say that too us. 
I am happy everything went well with the surgery. I always get nervous whenever anyone goes under anesthesia. That’s not the greatest result to hear but I am glad you are doing well for now. Pretty crazy that everyone is back now. I sure am blessed with such great friends who have been awesome examples and brothers. 

The work here has been good dad. We have been doing a whole lot of everything to find people. Knocking doors, activities, family home evening with members, and talking with the people on the streets. Transfers already went, this last transfer was only five weeks. But I stayed here with my awesome comp and we both will be getting some new comps who spent a long time in the United States here in two weeks. Now all of the missionaries that spend more than two transfers in the states waiting on their visas will have to stay in the MTC in São Paulo for two weeks just learning Portuguese.  Elder Batista and I are really excited. All of my good buddies who work hard stayed here in the zone too and we are all really excited for the next transfer. 
I am not going to lie dad, here everyone lives a very simple and humble life. And they work really really hard, or they don’t work at all. There is no in between. I have learned to be grateful for a lot of things that we have and especially how grateful I am for our government back at home. It’s beyond corrupt here. But yeah, that’s what’s going down this week. It has been great. I am excited to see what I will learn from another comp, and am so excited for the opportunity to still be with Elder Batista. Nothing but happiness here and thanks so much for the email dad. It really means a lot, I love you so much and hope you have a great week. I am so grateful for the gospel and the happiness that it brings to all of us and the opportunity to witness such incredible miracles each day. Thanks so much for everything dad. I love you

Elder Paynter

A Beautiful Family

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