May 19, 2014

Well Paps,
     I couldn't have dreamt of a better week to be quite honest. The money, I just took it out as cash and yeah. It’s a little easier to track that way. I bought burger king when I was out with Kaique and we broke a door in our house and I needed to buy some medications and a few other things so, basically it’s been that. Oh I also bought meat for our BBQ we did last night at our house. It was great.
     Well I will try and remember all the great things this week. We got our new comps, Elder Ferguson (my comp) is awesome. He works hard and has fun. I couldn’t' ask for anything more. And yeah my whole redneck expectations, didn’t really come true. He isn’t the biggest country fan and doesn’t hunt, but he does have a scripture case made out of duct tape so that was right on.  I showed him around the ghettos and we had some fun together. We had to divide our teaching group, but it’s all good. We will have one baptism this coming Sunday, and we are just looking around for families. We have been talking to every creature, even the lazy dogs that live on the streets. 
     We had lunch at our ward mission leader's home this last week and Elder Batista told them it was my birthday. So on Sunday they brought me a way nice soccer jersey! 
     One day we started leaving a neighborhood and there were three small girls carrying a big TV in a bed sheet and they asked us for help. So we started walking up these way big hills and whatever. Our arms were burning when we finished. It was funny. After we left a message with them and invited them to church. It was a fun memory and hope we have some more like it. 
     It has just been nothing but joy, we are working hard, and loving every second of it. I could not have imagined a better birthday here on the mission. It seemed so spiritual and it felt so good to be able to speak again at church. I am so so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary in this day and age. There is nothing greater. I love the church, I love the gospel, I love the opportunities that I have had to meet such incredible people and eternal friends, and I love my Savior. 
I love you dad thanks so much for everything. Congratulate Dave for me.

Elder Paynter

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