April 14, 2014

Hey mom,
I loved the email. I am so glad to hear that you had an opportunity to talk with the missionaries. I am so glad to see your love for them has grown. You are very right, here, they treat us like kings and I have like fifty grandmothers here in this ward that do everything for us. The relief society gives us a bag full of groceries each week. They are such angels here. Yeah you are spelling his name right. I consider Kaique my brother. He is a lot like Levi to tell to the truth. I really hope they get to meet one another. Alaynna is just so darling. I cannot wait to play around with her and to hold her. And take her golfing and such.... hahaha jk.
Well mom, this week was great. I will share a few moments that made it so incredible. We have been teaching a family of five that has been progressing super well. They truly have a strong testimony of the restored gospel and we have seen them such huge changes in their lives. I can say that they are letting go of the fruits in the monkey traps. It’s one thing to have an investigator that wants to get baptized, but it’s a whole other thing if you have one that wants to repent. And this family is so great. We were teaching this family this week, and we were talking with the parents about marriage and about the wedding we will have to arrange in the near future. Then they started talking about a bunch of things that they like about church and what not. Then the quiet little eleven year old boy raised his hand. He is pretty shy but I love the kid, he is always reading the book of Mormon too. He started to talk and got shy and stuttered a whole lot, but then he got it out and said " Uhhhh, elder, when you came here the first time you said something that was true. You said that this book would change our lives and our family." I was so touched to see that he understood the gospel. That he was able to trust in the promises of the Lord and that the Lord is so loving as to bless them with such marvelous changes in their family.
The next night we went to visit a recent convert who was waiting to be confirmed in church, and her husband who is a member, and her mother who we are teaching now. After the lesson, the recent convert said she wanted to bear her testimony and she talked about how her life and her marriage were failing but through the gospel all of that changed and she is able to find the happiness and peace that she has always wanted. Then her mother who we are teaching started to talk about how she has felt such great changes in her daughter's life and how she wanted that same peace for her life.
Then we met with the lady after church on Sunday. We had made goals with her to stop smoking. She has always struggled and she gets really nervous which makes her smoke. And after church she came up to us crying, and said that she had only smoked two cigarettes on Saturday, and that she hadn’t smoked any on Sunday and never would smoke another cigarette in her life. She is such a wonderful lady that is truly seeking after the sanction and peace that the atonement of Jesus Christ offers.
I know that this gospel is His. And that through it we can change and become new people. I know that there is no greater joy than that which the gospel brings to us and to our families. I know that this is the work of salvation, the true work of God and I am so grateful to be able to help bring it forth. I love you all and hope you have wonderful week!
Elder Paynter

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