April 8, 2014

Hi Mom,
       Well this week was a blink of an eye! And what an incredible blink at that. I LOVED conference. I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear some words that were said. But I will start with the beginning of my week first so I can remember what great things have happened. 
       Monday night we took part of the family home evening with a member. The investigator he invited ended up not showing up so oh well, but it was a good moment to strengthen the faith of the member because he needs it. We played the jellybean game and it was so funny. Wow the rotten egg jellybean is disgusting and it was the first one I got. And with it all I taught about how at times we all get different beans in our lives but ultimately we are the ones that decide to be happy. I shared the scripture in psalms 118:24. And talked about the simple fact that we have one more day in our lives is enough of a blessing to make us happy. After we played Jenga with this family, and they loved it. We left with our heads high from that house because it’s a family that has almost been broken many times, and just has some scotch tape holding it together right now. 
       The rest of the week we did lots of things that I don't completely remember. We taught our beloved family of five and they are more and more converted each time we go back. The Lord is answering our prayers. The husband had gotten mad at the wife because she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon. He said, "You think these things are just a joke? They are from God" It was really cool to see his powerful testimony in the way he acts. How many times in our lives have we not read the Book of Mormon, and through that action we tell God that we think it’s just a joke. The family is happier than ever and went to conference and loved each bit of it! We challenged them to get married and baptized and they said they would look for their answer at conference. So now we get to go back tomorrow night and get things rolling! I am so excited for the future of this family. They have already received so many blessings from the Lord for their sincerity in seeking the truth. 
       This week I was able to finish reading some things that you sent in the package. I looked at the ward newsletter. It was really really good. I looked in the back and saw the missionary spot. I am proud of Taylor and not one bit surprised that he is doing so well. When I read Teagan's part, I broke down. What a great example of a true servant of the Lord in seeking to heal so many aching hearts. At times it so easy to forget just what we are supposed to do, and I had forgotten. I spent some time after reading the letter to thank my Heavenly Father for having helped me to remember those things, and asked for forgiveness of my selfishness. I love the gospel so much, and there is nothing better than seeing it being preached in its purest form of love. Thank Teagan for his example. Thank Dave and Mindy for raising such an incredible son, and for being so inspired to share his experience. 
       It was a celestial week, and I am so grateful for each moment that I had. I hope you all have great one like I just did. I love you so much mom,
       Thanks for your example of Christ-like service to everyone and for all of your loving kindness. I love you.

Elder Paynter

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