February 3, 2014

Well Dad,
     They canceled the meeting because they wanted to do it after transfers. Five zone leaders are going home this next little bit so they decided it would be better to do after.
     Well dad, I took your advice and thought a lot about fasting. I decided that I couldn’t wait until Saturday to fast so I did it on Wednesday.  The next day the AP s showed up at our house to do a surprise division with us. I was pretty tanked but excited to see that the Lord had answered my prayers.  At the end of the division one of the APs talked with me for a while and it felt god to be able to talk about things here and get a lot of feelings off of my chest. I realized that I had been pretty unexcited about the work here and it had been hurting the progress but I did another division with the elders here and it felt really good. I talked with everyone and their dog on the streets and I think some of them will be some great investigators.   
     I don’t really know what to think dad, I am so glad for the trials that I have had because they are really pushing me to the limits and I am seeing my spirituality and dedication increasing. This Sunday, in our small little branch we have an average of 80 people, but we brought five investigators to church and the other companionship brought seven. There were over 110 people at church. It was quite a site and the leadership of the ward got really emotional. We haven’t had any baptisms here unfortunately but we have had some good success in the other aspects.
      I am sorry I don’t really have much time to email today, we are going to another city to visit with a member and have a bbq.  I kept thinking a lot about your email that you sent this week. It has helped me a lot Dad. Thanks for pushing me to be better and for all of your love. I miss you tons and love you even more. Have a great week and be so safe.

Elder Paynter

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