February 10, 2014

Hey Mom,
     I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I can’t imagine how it is for you, and here I am fine. Thankfully that same comfort that the gospel gave me is what I am trying to give to these people here. I sure will miss her though, I was really hoping to get a last moment with her when I got back. Kaique saw the notice on facebook and gave me a call on Wednesday and talked with me for a bit. That’s how I found out, it was pretty sad but I just kept thinking about all of the times that she kept commenting about Grandpa and about how much she missed him. I am sure they are both so very happy right now to be reunited once again. The story about Ruth just confirms what it says in Matthew 6. God counts the hairs on our heads and that very moment that she passed away was the time that God had planned to send her home. She has been such a blessing to all of us and will be missed. Mom, I wish I could give you the biggest hug and be with you at this time. It’s so sad to see my happy family without smiles in a photo. I know this week has been hard, I am so proud of you mom for how you are doing and I am so grateful for all you do for me here. The casket is darling and is Grandma's style. She must be happy with how it all went. 
     Well Mumsy, I hope you know I love you dearly. This week was full of wonderful miracles and I credit it to Grandma helping me out. I love you so much and have such a happy great week. Your parents are reunited again and now they are taking care of all of us. I love you so much Mom.


Hey Dad,
       I am glad to hear that she went peacefully.  
     This week was pretty well, a lot of miracles happened this week. This last p day we went to the house of some members and it reminded me of the cabin. They live way up in these tall hills with no one else, they had a bunch of fruit trees of every sort and it was pretty cool to see it all there. It is a couple that are about the age of you and mom and they weren't able to have kids so they take really good care of us. They are some really nice people. They did a huge bbq for us and we came home rolling on our stomachs. Then we went to a family, the kids are members but the parents aren't. They gave us more food and wow it was tough to get it down because I was still destroyed from the bbq. It was cool, the dad is a dentist and he and I got along pretty well.
     We started going out to grab a bus this week too to go to lunch and while we were going there, I heard some crappy Portuguese, and looked over and there was a really white guy, and he seemed lost. Well he was a doctor from Switzerland and he will be moving to Pouso Alegre in two weeks and we helped him find his way around and he gave us his email and said he wants to visit our church and we will be teaching him when he gets back!!!! It was such a miracle, I know that God planned it all so we could meet. He was lost and we just happened to leave at that time. My heart was just full of gratitude for such a blessing.
     We had also found lots of investigators this week, a huge family and the majority of them didn't really want anything other than friendship but we went one day and another daughter was there and she gave us her address and told us that she wanted to be baptized really badly, without us even talking to her. She is a mother of three and is married!!!! Which is crazy!!!!!! So we invited them all to an activity that we threw this week at the church, it was pizza night and we played Pictionary! Everyone loved it and we had such a good turnout. Me and Elder Rojas, my buddy from Chile, we helped make the pizzas before the activity. We made 360 mini pizzas. I felt cool. ha-ha at the end of the activity we went to give some pizza to the dentist who didn't come to the activity and they were having a bbq there in his house so we gave him the pizza, ate some bbq and talked more before running home. It was a really fun time, a moment that I will always remember. It’s so nice to just relax and talk to people as a person every now and then.
     Sunday, we had so many people who committed to church, but as usual the Sunday morning sickness came around a lot stayed home but in the end we had five investigators. The church was full with all of the less actives we got there too. It was just a time to be grateful. We went to lunch and then after we went to visit the dentist and his family and we spent a lot of time there waiting for the transfer call. It never came so we went home at nine and waited more. The APs finally called at eleven and I stayed, Elder Rojas stayed and our comps got sent away! We will see how everything goes this week. I have to stay a lot of time in Campinas because on Wednesday they have the leadership meeting and I will be spending the night. Just hoping we can scrape up a baptism for this Sunday! I am THIRSTAY!
Well dad I love you have a great week!
Elder Paynter

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