June 9, 2014

Last p-day at night, me and another Elder that lives in our home went to a music store and we bought crappy little plastic harmonicas to learn how to play. They were a little pricy, but they were worth it. And yeah lets just say the harmonica is really easy to play and we have been playing a bunch of hymns. Its been quite a bit of fun, I remember how I never stuck with it at home but we learned in about one night. It was pretty cool. I just wish I had more than five minutes a day to practice though. Anyways I thought you would also be proud of that one. I wanna learn some other cool songs to play while I am fishing when we get back home, but we just don't have any other music other than hymns.. 

This week was pretty good. Still pretty stressful but we worked pretty hard and it had a lot of good memories. We had a dinner with some recent converts. They cook really well and grow all of their herbs that they use. So its really fresh. Anyways this last week we ate cação. Its shark. And it was the best seafood I have ever eaten but the next day I was down and out because my body didn't take something too well. It was the first time on my mission where I had to stay home but it ended up being a nice time to bond pretty well with my comp. I really really enjoyed these last four weeks with him. He got transferred and so did Elder Batista. so I will get to know two more elders here in my house and we will have a pretty fun time. The world cup starts this thursday and we are praying so hard that it doesn't interrupt our work too much but it will be pretty difficult.

Stake/Regional conference was great. And was quite fun to sing. We sang "Come Thou Fount" and it always seems like when we sing for other people as the Lords missionaries, we have someone helping us. It turned out really good. 

I am pretty excited to stay one more transfer here. We have a lot of great things going and we will see a lot of great miracles here I hope.  I love being a missionary. Its so wonderful. I am so happy for Levi, I remember how little I remembered of my patriarchal blessing. And then when I got to read it for the first time, my jaw dropped again. The Grundvigs are marvelous and their home truly is a sanction. We have been so blessed by them. 

Well I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!

This is a pic of my comp up in an avacado tree. We scored that day.

A big ol fat rottweiler that our ward mission leader has.
The thing is a bear. I loved playing around with it yesterday.
It has such a personality.

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