June 16, 2014

Hey Mumsy,
Well its been quite a stressful but quick week. I was able to get the transfers and saw my new comp who is great. I am finishing his training and the other zone leader who is living in the house with us is  a great guy too. He is from Kansas, and yes he has  a good redneck side so we get along just great. It has been another tough week of knocking lots of doors and talking to everyone and their dog.  We are teaching a family right now, the husband is a less active member and the wife just barely gave birth and so now they are ready to get their marriage papers done so she can get baptized. We have been waiting a while to move forward but now things are going well with them. They are super curious about all of the tiny things but they are very faithful and committed. So many sacrifices they are making to get married and to go to church. It was great to see. 
So with the world cup, we stayed home during the first game of Brasil. We had a bbq and had our own fun at home. It was a great time. The rest of the week we have just been working away and having a good time. The zone has some great missionaries. A lot of them are rule breakers and pretty disobedient but the A.P.s said that president sent them here for me to help them out. I am glad they are here because although they break the rules, they work pretty hard and smart so we will be able to help them out. We had a zone meeting on friday to get to say hello to everyone but it got a little sour because we opened up a bit of time for everyone to say what they wanted from the transfer and some people started arguing because of their different opinions. We were able to figure out really quickly what kind of missionaries we are working with and what we need to do. It will be a good transfer. 
Well mom I love you so much! I hope you have a great week! I love you and miss you so much! 

Elder Paynter

So, our ward threw a dance and a ton of food was left over so they gave us a ton of soda. (mission life is hard.....not) ha ha!
For the game we all took our blankets outside and kicked it on the patio. All of the sudden a load of fireworks went off and everyone started screaming, and yeah, you know that's a goal. But while the game is going on Brasil is the most quiet country in the world. It was pretty cool. 
I wake up every morning at 6:26 and climb on our wall to look at the sunrise. This morning it was especially beautiful and it reminded me of when you would wake me up early to see the beautiful creations of God. Isn't it great! Super beautiful! I love it here!

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