September 9, 2013

Hey Mom, 
That is great to hear about Teagan’s court of honor. I can’t believe that. That is so cool. Those houses up there are incredible, aren’t they? It’s really calming to take a drive up there, and my heaven will be the one with a little cabin in the woods by the lake with the family inside it. So yes I agree mom. Ha-ha! Well I didn’t buy a backpack, I just found an old one in the little house we were living in, but now I will have to buy a new one because the church changed a few standards and backpacks aren’t allowed anymore, we have to use shoulder bags for now on. so in the next few months the mission will be getting a deal on some shoulder bags and I will buy one but for now, no worries. I still didn’t buy an umbrella, but I got an SD card. This next week we will be going downtown to buy some things on p-day. I am really excited for the letter mom, I can’t wait for it really. I absolutely loved the package, and I loved the panda sauce, the Books of Mormon were great. Dad was right we can get the English Book of Mormon, we just can’t get the English minis here and I wanted to give some out as gifts. So I kept a mini and gave away the others. It was really nice. Well things I would like. I don’t quite know, I am kind of sick of my ties, but I can buy those cheap here, and I will be trading a lot with some people also. Elder Vianna wants me to ask for some nerf guns so we can have battles here, (they are super expensive here) but we will see when the time comes around with what I want for Christmas yeah? One year is coming up, and I can’t believe it already. Time has just flown by. 
I have been studying so much about the missionaries in the Book of Mormon. The funny thing is they all were super successful but they passed through some super tough situations. And I feel like a lot of the elders here forget that, they think that everything should just be given on a plate at times, just like I did when I showed up, but after these tough times comes the big blessings just like Nephi and Lehi when they baptized 8000 people, or the sons of Mosiah. The zone here has been through some rough times, and it will come out well when we help these missionaries grow some real faith so God can perform miracles. I have never worked harder in my life, and I am just so happy to do so, and it has been a great time so far learning a whole lot about helping and serving others. 
This week was pretty great, our area is like a "West Jordan" in relation to Campinas being Salt Lake. It’s been a little tough so far finding some people who will accept us but we are close, I can feel it. We went to a recent convert's home to follow up with her and she sat us down for some tea. She works at the Fox channel here and knows a lot of people, she is like forty-five-ish and has a one year old darling daughter. So it has been to see what my niece will be like when I get back. Anyway getting back on track. She invited a pastor from another church to come and swap ideas about religion with us, and she said " oh she just preaches with fire, she is the best preacher that I know and is just so powerful, so you guys are going to preach to her and then she will preach to you!" and the whole time the recent convert spoke, Elder Vianna was just pinching my leg in a scream for help. Ha-ha but luckily the pastor didn’t come and we didn’t have to do any bible bashing. Yay, we got to keep the spirit with us. We were pretty bummed Saturday night because we had some appointments fall through Saturday that were our only good investigators, and while we were walking home late, we stopped a lady and she was really receptive and brought us to her husband and her son and daughter in law that night. So we'll see how that all comes out.
But, my time is gone and I really miss you all. I am happier than ever here on the mission and I wouldn’t trade this for anything, I am so grateful for the opportunities God has blessed me with. It is so crazy to think that I am on another continent, speaking another language, but still so close to my family. I am so grateful for the love I have felt from all of you and hope you have a wonderful week! I love you! 

Elder Paynter

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