September 23, 2013

This week was tough but we made a lot of progress this next Sunday we will have four baptisms!!! The family is coming along well, but some of them faster than others, and they keep inviting more and more people to come and listen and partake of the gospel. It is so great and has blessed us so much.
Ha-ha I went on a division this week with some missionaries who live in a house with two companionships, and the house looked like my room back at home. Super super messy, ha-ha. But it was a good time there with them and I learned some and got some good insight about how I could help some of the missionaries there.
The card arrived, but I will get it tomorrow at our district meeting. Today, is a very sad day, President Perrotti stopped allowing us to drink coca cola, and it’s not really p day either, its mission cleaning day, so we will be cleaning our house a little bit and then we have a family home evening. Our house is pretty nice, we have a little patio and one room to study in, one to sleep, a kitchen and a bathroom. I like it a lot, and oh, it has a hammock. Sealed the deal. We are really excited for conference coming up and hopefully we can have a baptism between sessions. Sadly it will be in Portuguese but it will be good this time around. It’s just hard looking at the apostles speaking and not hearing their voices. But you gotta love this beautiful language. Well mumsy, my time is up. Next week I will have some great stories to tell. I love you so much, have such a wonderful week! I love you!

Elder Sunsy

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