July 8, 2013

Hey Mumsy!
       This week was just incredible again! Just miracles that have happened in each day! So so so busy, I don’t even have time to think, but I am loving it! Yesterday, we were able to baptize two investigators and it was so great! And tonight for p-day, we will be baptizing four more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and it is my Brasilian family here. They are just so incredible. Truly were prepared by the hand of the Lord, and they have us over for dinner every chance they get! They are just hilarious, last night I was crying from laughing so hard with them. It has been nothing but happiness here and tonight will be so special for them all. 
       I loved Sunday school this week, it was such a good lesson and I am excited to see what Loretta put on her paper. I am really happy to hear Levi stayed; this week will be a great week for the family! 
       Read the email I sent dad about a temple experience we had this week that was so great. I just love you so much mom, I love love love love you. You and dad are always in my heart, I have never been happier on the mission, the Lord has been helping us every step of the way and I only hope that we are being instruments in his hands. I hope you have a great week mom! I love you so much!
Elder Sunsy

Oh thanks so much for the photos!

Well Dad,
       Thanks a lot for the email! I really liked it, ha-ha I really wanted to help out with some surgery; I tasted the pastimes there. Sounds like the cabin was pretty good and also sounds like Oliver grew his goods back, but don’t get him neutered again please. Ha-ha well coca cola here is incredible I just hope you know.  
       Dad, this week was just incredible, we baptized two people yesterday and tonight we will be baptizing the family of four! The Lord has just been pouring miracles on us every day and every moment, and we hope to have at least one more this Sunday. The ward is so excited about the missionary work and we are seeing changes in everyone. 
       We brought an investigator to the temple this week, the Campinas temple is incredible. So beautiful, and I remember showing up and just feeling your love and moms love, I just looked at the temple and stood in front and cried. It was so incredible, we taught the plan of salvation to our investigator and we all cried and she was baptized this Sunday. It was the most spiritual experience I have had on the mission and I am so grateful for you and mom and for all the sacrifices that you have made for our family and all of the things that you have taught to us, and especially for following the Savior and being sealed in the temple. I felt you and mom by my side. They have a "lodge" by the temple where all of the couple missionaries live, and I thought a lot about you and mom serving in the future. You both would be perfect. Well dad, I love you so much, I hope the vacation was great and dad, thanks for your love, thanks for trusting in me to carry our family name here. I love you.
Elder Paynter

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