December 25, 2012

Oh dear and best family ever!
I am so grateful for your emails and to hear of all the fun you have had! I am so happy! It’s been a solid 85 degrees here with total humidity!
 No worries Christmas in paradise is wonderful! Today we have just been having a grand old time! The Brazil area president came and gave us a wonderful talk after we got to sleep in! It was great! After that we have been out of the suits and into regular clothes! Playing tons of games, basketball, and watched The Other Side of Heavn! It has been a blast!
Yesterday was the greatest Christmas Eve yet. It was our first day of proselyting! It was so good! We placed four Books of Mormon with some wonderful and very interested people. Many of the people we talk to are going to an evangelical church already and even though they are firm in their faith they are so kind enough to hear what we have to say and to allow us to practice our Portuguese. The first guy we talked to was from up north and spoke super fast! Didn’t pick out a word he said. We were pretty nervous after that but I knew everything else that the other people said and I was able to say everything that I needed to about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The proselyting went really well. It felt so good to finally put the things I have been learning to work, and of course I have received tons of help from the Lord.  
Brasil is just so beautiful. Today it has been super sunny and while in our room looking out over the silent city(literally no one is on the streets which is polar opposite of normal) just sunny and a nice warm breeze. Today feels like I am vacationing in Brasil.
Miguel the accent is coming along pretty well thanks to what you have taught me. The Brasilians say I have a good one but its still gringo and probably will be until a year or so!
Last night after our Christmas fireside we had an ice cream buffet and then we went up to bed. At about ten after ten, all of the American couple missionaries in the area came up with Santa hats on and gave all of us a bag of candy! It was really fun and they are all so loving!
I know with all my heart that this gospel is true. I had my one day vacation here, now is time to work and I really love it all! I know that people need what the spirit wants to tell them. When we were giving out Books of Mormon yesterday, my buddies gave one out with marked pages. The guy immediately sat down and started reading. We walked past him an hour and a half later and he was still reading. I am so grateful to be here. My heart is just full. Brasil is the best. The people here are so loving and so humble. I love Jesus Christ, my savior and I owe my entire self to him.
Family, I love you so much. Have the greatest Christmas ever. I'll talk to you all tomorrow! I love you!

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