December 19, 2012

Oh Dear Darling Family,
Another super fast and wonderful week at the Brasil MTC! It has been perfect overcast and plenty of rain here so it is kind of like back home. Just super humid and at least 80 degrees, but man I love it! I am just itching to go teach real people already! I love it here and I know I have tons to learn but I am just ready for the labor, and I know it will be tough especially at first but I am just ready!
Family, surprise, I get to e-mail you on Christmas along with p day this week!  Mom I got your card a while back but I think I’m going to wait to open it! But I got tons of cards this week! I am so blessed! I got Levi’s which was just hilarious and I know he has been so busy but I can't tell you how good it felt to hear from that stud! I am glad. I also got the letter you sent with the things from Sunday school and that really cool thing that Chad sent to you. I really liked it! I got one the wonderful card and letter from Grandma. That is so sad to hear she fell. I will be praying for her! I am so sorry Grandma. The primary children sent me cards also and it was so fun to look the cute drawings and such. So kind of them. Thank Val for me. And of course I got the wonderful letter from Sister Sharp! How exciting! What a perfect mission for her and what a bunch of lucky Californians! I am very glad you have all kept in touch! Please tell her I love her and a letter is on the way by snail mail. Also don't send any more letters to the MTC by snail mail because I’ll be gone when they get here!
 Mom, please check up on Gary and Judy. Let them know I love them tons and miss them.
          So many elders have been leaving the MTC but they are having trouble getting new Americans here because of visas. I guess there are 100 at Provo waiting to come here. So it kind of feels like it’s a ghost town right now and I don't think we’ll get more until after we leave! The temple felt like a ghost town today! Usually we fill up the room today we didn't get to half of it!  It is really nice though to be able to think and ponder without the greenies destroying the spirit.
This week was great though the CTM  doctor gave a talk about having a testimony of Joseph Smith. And to be quite honest I had always took the fact that he was a prophet for granted. So this week I prayed to know, just like I’ll be asking my investigators to pray to know, and the Lord answered my prayers. I read in D&C 135. What a powerful section of scripture. I got my answer within hours of praying to Heavenly Father. I love the power of prayer so much and it is something I took for granted in many instances. Sincere prayer is the difference between a day full of learning, joy, and the ability of recognizing God's beauties and blessings for us and just any other old day.
I also wanted to know what to study; I wanted more meaningful study, so I decided I would study about the BOM missionaries. This week I studied Ammon and Aaron. It was super good and I am so excited to study more of them. I learned so dang much about how the Lord works and how missionaries can try so many different things to get to the hearts of the people. I just loved it so much. I am so grateful to the Lord for unfolding his mysteries through the Book of Mormon for me! I Love it!
 Mom, how is Ashley and Miguel doing? I haven't heard from them in a while.
I want to know more about what is going on at home. Thanks so much for the letters. It’s ok if I run out of time. There are great things happening for me here but I want to know about the greatest people in the world too. Momsy, I love you tons. Dad and Lacey, you keep that dog sneezing. Give him a couple from me ok.
I know this church is true; the greatest happiness we can feel in life comes from the Gospel of Our Savior Jesus Christ. This is His work. I know that he loves each and every one of us here on the earth. He is the greatness and glory we thirst for in our lives and he is my life. I love him and I absolutely love this work! I love you all have a great and grand week! I love you! I’ll e mail you on Christmas!
Love Elder Paynter!

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