December 12, 2012

Hello Family,
I can't tell how much of an amazing week it has been! I have been so blessed by our Heavenly Father in every aspect! Yes I went to the temple today and it was just so amazing! There is never enough time to ponder here or even by yourself. But the temple is so incredible. The veil is so thin there and I love the revelation and I love to receive. Mom thanks so much for doing that for me. I love the temple. A great blessing is that most prayers said there include the missionaries.
Please tell me about home. I'm not coming back before two years unless I’m in a casket. Its going to take a lot more than homesickness for that to happen. 
Thanks so dang much! Oh my goodness my other buddy got a pizza party too! So next week our district is going to eat so much food! And Doritos and milkshakes are worth their weight in gold! Thanks so much for that, it will be an incredible Christmas present for me and Elder Yarn and whoever else!
I am sending a letter through mission ties today. It’s the one I want you to read on Christmas eve. Sorry I ran out of time and couldn't finish the other one. But I have a good story for it. Tell Levi I love him more than ever, I miss him more than ever and wish he was here so we could have a victory wrestle every once in a while after we dunk our fake investigators! Ha-ha I love the kid and he is my hero. I hope he liked the letter. I can't wait to get his. Tell him I just love him. 
Elder Yarn is the best ever. We are basically the same kids from different places. We like all the same things. And we are both progressing equally! Our personalities are just the same!
This week our instructor gave us a way good lesson about why we need to be crazy excited when we teach and we all got so excited. So I ran up the stairs to bed and forgot something in the classroom so I ran back down and was just pumped, in the midst of my running my shirt caught on the door knob and tore a bit in the sleeve! No worries I patched it up like a docta! I'mma pro! haha
This week I learned so much about the attributes of Christ. I prayed so much for opportunities to prove that I can improve on them. Charity is a huge one and many scriptures talk of how it is so necessary. I forgot which ones! 
One night some new Brazilians came into our room and hung out with us, one asked how much my gym shorts were and where he could get them. I said from the US.  He asked how much he could buy them for. I took them off, put on my other ones and gave him the pair. I felt so good, and though it was hard at first, I was so grateful and the bond he and I now have is worth it!
Mom and dad I am sorry I had so much more spiritual experiences to write about. I am your little stripling warrior. I will always be and Alma 56, I think around verse 46 they talk about how they are blessed by the Lord and he will not let them be overcome. My Lord will not let me either.
I have been born of the best parents in the world. I must go now, I love you.

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