June 3, 2013

Dearest darlingest mom!
I am just on cloud nine! She is the most darling thing I have ever seen! Oh I am so happy for our family! I can’t believe it! I am so happy!
Well the music on the flash drive didn't work, just the conference talks and the podcast. The letters, I will probably get tomorrow.
Well, this week was great, started out pretty down and difficult. Last week we had to drop basically all of our investigators because they weren't committing to anything or going to church. So we did lots of contacts and got nowhere last week. Our zone just set the record for the most baptized in a month and Elder Albuquerque and I were the only companionship that didn't baptize. I was pretty upset.
We had a really good zone meeting on Tuesday and it was good to relax and pass time with some buddies. When we left the chapel is was raining like mad, so our district snagged garbage bags, poked holes in the top for our heads and walked around the city like that to get to the bus stop. My head and pants were still soaked, but it was fun. As we were heading to Amparo the bus broke, so we had to wait 2 hours for another bus to come get us, and another hour to get home. I was freezing, hungry, and still a little down. But Albuquerque and I joked around and waited and finally when we got home it was five thirty.
We hurried and ate what little food our money could buy, and then changed and went to teach one of our contacts. I remember on the way to the house of this lady, I said a prayer that a large family would be there and that they would accept us. What do you know, It was a family of 9. They all accepted baptism, they all read the Book of Mormon together and we went back all week this week to teach them about the glorious gospel. They are all reading the book of Mormon like crazy! Even the young ones. We had a tough time teaching the word of wisdom but all of them are working hard to stop their little addictions to coffee, and smoking and drinking. Elder Albuquerque and I made a schedule for them to track their progress and wrote on the top of it, The Plan for Eternal Happiness. Then we gave them a Book of Mormon with different scriptures marked for them to read each day together before they mark their progress. Six of them went to church this week, the others had to work, and four of them are getting baptized this Saturday.
But, Elder Albuquerque and I both got transferred to who knows where. So it has been kind of funny, a little tough take in. Nobody has baptized here for almost a year and now that we are about to get a wonderful family into the church, the area is closing. I really hope I can learn what the Lord wants me to learn from this, but I trust in Him with all of it.
I have seen miracles happen this week and answers to all of my prayers. Blessed be the name of our God! I am so grateful for the opportunities that He gave me here and for the incredible experiences I have been blessed with! I love this work, I love the gospel, I love the Lord with all my heart! I love the opportunities that I have to work with the priesthood power and to walk around telling the world about the goodness of our God, and the great news for all. We have a living prophet on the earth today; we are guided by the hand of God! We are so blessed!

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