June 24, 2013

This week was wonderful; we baptized two young men, John and Jonathan. They live in a little shack with three older brothers and their wives, and their mom. All of their family uses drugs and drinks except for them. Jonathan read half of the Book of Mormon the first day that we gave it to him. They made awesome friends with the young men and are just so happy about the church. Their baptism was really something special and I hope they continue choosing the right. It felt really good to finally see someone dressed in white and making the right decisions. We taught another family that has been so kind to us, they don’t live in the ghetto. Their house is nice; they are super kind and absolutely love us! We had so many people at the baptism and it was just great for them to see. They had been to plenty of other churches already and are very curious and basically know that this church is true, they just are taking it really slow, so we will see what happens with them but I hope we can get them to enter in the water soon. They are going to be great members in the church, a sealer in the temple and patriarch introduced them to us and has been there helping us a lot with teaching them. The Lord has been guiding us in the work here and I have seen his hand working miracles and preparing families for us! I love the mission. It is crazy tough but so great!

 Elder Albuquerque, Elder Paynter, and Laide 

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