February 19, 2013

Well family and friends,
I would just like to let you know how blessed I have been and want to thank everyone for the prayers, the love and all the support that I have felt here, thousands of miles away in Brasil. Amparo is just incredible. It is kind of a tourist town and tons of Catholics, retired people, gay and crazy people live here.
This week we got to know the area and knocked on door after door after door. Elder Permann said it has been the hottest week yet for him in Amparo and man I have felt it! We have tons of work to do! After doing contacts we have tried to teach some lessons but only got into a couple houses to teach this week. But we met a lot of the branch members and met our mom of Amparo. Her name is Laide. She is about sixty and has been a member for about six months. We have dinner with her on every Friday night and we are trying to get her son to give us permission to baptize her grandson, Arthur. It has been a long process and hopefully it will work out soon. She is wonderful and so is Arthur and I have loved the time spent with them.
We had sacrament meeting and the branch is so small that the missionaries always pass the sacrament, we always teach gospel principles, and speak often. But I have enjoyed it. I got the opportunity to bear my testimony and it felt really great. They had a lot of people from the stake there and the branch president was running around with is head off because they are thinking about closing the branch down. Yeah, membership is awful there, and we were given the job to reactivate all of the young men, we don’t have any young men or young women. Hah so we have a little more to do than usual but it’s the joys of the work and we are doing are best and just working!
This place is pretty crazy, I have seen some pretty crazy people just walk up and talk to us and say weird things but it has been funny. Dogs, they hate missionaries more than anything! We walked down one street the other day, and we had plenty of dogs barking at us from each house. Man it was loud. Then we stopped and knocked on a door, while we were waiting for the person to answer a horse came walking down the street without any one next to it. Ha-ha I just feel like this place is so beautiful but it is pretty unusual. I am grateful for the little funny things that the lord has blessed us to see here.
Sunday night we had to take an hour and a half bus ride to get to one of the other elders houses. It was such an incredible view during the ride. It was just breathtaking with a beautiful sunset. We got to the home and six other elders arrived and we all made pizza and slept on the floor! It was fun then we got up and walked to the church where we have our zone meeting each week. Had a great zone meeting and had interviews with President Perrotti who is just great and so loving. It was a wonderful time. When we got back yesterday evening we got to work at about five and the Lord blessed us so much to find some people who were receptive to what we had to say! I am so excited to see how this week goes and to tell you about the successes.
Best of luck back at home everyone! I love you so much! Thanks so for the prayers and the love!

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