February 13, 2013

Well this week has been pretty good!! It was kind of strange with Carnival here. The entire world travels out of town, and the young men and women have youth conference during it so they were all gone from church this week and we couldn't get hardly any members at church let alone investigators! But it was good! We had to bless the sacrament and the bishopric passed it. It was fun! And there were some good fireworks at night ha-ha.
Well we didn't get much of a chance to speak with Monica this week because everyone has just been gone! We had to go to the sister’s area and drop some forms off for them, and we didn't have any money so we asked a member for a ride. It was Alan again. He is awesome and after he gave us a ride he took us out to eat and talked with us for a while about the gospel. It was a great time!
 It was a bit of a rainy week which was frustrating because I really needed my laundry to dry. It didn't so I washed it again and then finally we had some sun!
When we were at our zone conference this week, my belt broke. Ha-ha Levi, if you go, don’t buy the belts that rotate so you can have a black and brown belt. That is the second belt that broke so I had to go buy another one and they are not cheap here! But it was an experience!
 Anyway, I couldn't email on p-day this week because everywhere was closed in Campl Limpo! Then we had transfers! Yes I got transferred!!! I was pretty happy! So on transfer day we all go to the bus airport station thing and meet with all the other elders being transferred. It was a blast because I got to meet up with some of the guys from my group in the MTC and it was a blast to see how they have progressed! It felt good to speak some Portugenglish with them too! Ha-ha there I met my new comp, Elder Permann! He is pretty cool and he is a hard worker so I am super excited to have the opportunity to work with him!
            I am now serving in the Zone Itatiba! The area is Amparo! Wow this place is so beautiful! I never thought there would be any place like this in Brasil! It has been a little tough here lately and it is super Catholic! It is smaller, but such a clean place and I have never been in a town so pretty as this. I was literally shocked. They have some pretty cool Catholic churches here. It is just a dream to be in a place like this.
            But we arrive in our area at about three yesterday, I unpacked and we talked about our hopeful investigators! He made some pancakes, oh yes I have missed pancakes so much, it was great! Then went to the streets and knocked some doors. It was pretty fun and Elder Permann is a great guy, and is teaching me quite a bit! I am a little nervous to change areas again but I am pretty excited for what is in store! It will be a great transfer with him. He has been here for a while and he is a pretty calm guy but likes to crack some jokes.
Well family all is good here, it was kind of a ghost town here yesterday but now the streets are stirring and I am excited to jump into this area!
Well family, have a great week. I love you tons!

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