January 28, 2013

Hey family!
Sounds like it is just frigid there! I am super sorry; it has been pretty cold here this week too. Super cloudy and rainy but it’s been great. What a crazy season you guys have had. I wish I could be snowboarding this year!!
Ya I have turned a new leaf and I keep everything super clean. My comp is the old me x2! I think I do because it is easier to worry about a few dishes and a just a little clothes than it was back at home with all my clothes and the even busier life. Each house has blankets and yes I have used them once or twice when it was cold enough.
I love that scripture mom thanks very much. 
           Joshua 1:9
"Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dis mayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
 I have had a daily scripture that I write on my planner and I love it. I have had tons of good ones. I’ll make the one you gave me the scripture for tomorrow.
Get feeling better! It sounds like everyone is getting sick! A lot of missionaries have been getting sick in our zone so our president has been checking in on people with a surprise visit to make sure the houses are clean. Ours is always pretty clean but I have seen some serious disasters!
Ha-ha mail will take a while but that is fine. The office receives it and then every week at district meeting they hand it out to us.
Well this week was great. We didn't get a baptism but we are making a lot of progress and have a lot of appointments thanks to all of the references the ward members are getting us! It has been great. We taught Brother Jose and he started crying. It was so good to finally see someone be healed by the gospel of Jesus Christ with the same love that I have felt from him. That is the reason that I am here. I just hope I can bring it into more lives. We are just waiting on some marriages to happen.
We went to the house of Monica and discovered that she has a ten year old daughter also with tons of friends that are super close with her. When we were visiting Monica her daughter came home with all of her friends so we invited them all to be there tonight when we teach. I hope that it all goes well. I have such a great feeling about Monica and her husband, Roni. Roni is already a member and they took a trip to the temple on Saturday to visit it and talk about their opportunity as an eternal family. Monica is super into it and I can't wait until they are married because it will be wonderful for them to open these doors together. They are just waiting on some papers to come back from an office in Sao Paulo.
We got some great references this week and have some great opportunities coming up. I am excited to get rolling big time in the work. The members of an area make the difference. We have been super blessed here!
Brasil is cool but I realized we have it so well in the United States. If we want to do anything fun we can. Here, they can fly a kite or run maybe. There isn't much, if they want to play soccer they have to pay to play on a synthetic mini field because they don't have any open recreational parks here. But they live simple and happy lives. I am so grateful for the love of them all, they are nice people. I am so grateful to serve here and to learn so much and to experience this life. I know this church is true and that this gospel changes lives for now and for eternity. I love you all, have a great week!

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