January 21, 2013

Well things are going well here in Campo Limpo Paulista!
It has been quite a week, a lot going on! Well Bishop is really involved in our ideas and our work and I love it. He is a pretty good guy. We are going to start having an integration night every month so we can get some people into our church eating some free food and then Elder Leal and I will sweep them up and hopefully get some appointments out of it. I think that is coming up on the 31st of January.
 The next day we had "multizone" or mission meeting but we were out of our money for the bus fare, so we called a member to pick us up and drop us off in Jundiai. He is a super cool guy and was way happy to do it. So he came and got us at 6 in the morning. He tried talking to me English the whole time because he is trying to learn. He is a lawyer; he said he gets up at 5 am to study English for two hours every morning. He kept getting on Elder Leal for not trying to learn English. It was kind of funny, but he kept saying a phrase that I loved. "dedicação vencerá dificuldades" which means dedication will overcome difficulties. So it was great to start off the day with a great example.
 So we met with the rest of our zone at the stake center in Jundiai and then hopped in a huge van and took off to the stake center in the heart of Campinas and had our conference with another zone. It was good; I learned a lot and gained some confidence talking to other elders. Most people were really impressed with my Portuguese and I know I have been so blessed, it is all about keeping my confidence with me and I can talk the language well enough to communicate. And I had a lot of questions but didn't really have to time to talk to anyone. I was really hoping someone from my district in the CTM would be there but nobody was.
But on the way home I talked to this Elder that reminded me of our cousin Zach. He is a stud just like Zach was I am sure and he really helped me out. It was a pretty great day all around.
Then Saturday came around. It was baptism day for two young girls; Stefanie just turned 8, and Sabrina 12. It was pretty exciting. Stefanie's grandfather tried baptizing her and she got in the font and freaked out and ran and changed her clothes. It was pretty devastating. But I got to baptize Sabrina and it went well. She will be a great member in the church. It was a great feeling but a very bittersweet time for me. It will be a lot better when we work for the baptisms instead of just being chosen to help baptize.
Then Sunday, was a good day. Our speakers in church skipped out so Elder Leal and I had to give talks. I was super nervous but it all went well and I think they were able to understand what I was trying to say. Ha-ha.
After sacrament, which is our last meeting of the day, a member wanted a blessing and it was pretty cool to help give that. We went and ate lunch at a member’s house and right after that we were called to go give some more blessings. It was kind of crazy but I love being able to see the priesthood in action.
This week we have tons of stuff coming up with our investigators. We are just having some big problems with people living together and not being married. We would have three more members in the church if they would just get married. They already go to church and pay tithing and do everything else. Just got to put a ring on the right finger!

Levi, go fight fires. That is awesome and something you can tell to everyone. Whatever you do this summer do something you'll never forget!
Ash and Miguel congrats! Don’t spoil her too badly until I get home and she knows me! Best of luck with the home! I will keep praying for you!
Lacey, have a dang fun semester just let it all go and happy stinking birthday!
Mom and Dad, awesome job on the gym thing. We’re going backpacking finally to Havasupai when I get back! No battle. You owe me. Ha-ha I love you all and have the best week!

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