November 21, 2012

         Holey moley doley smoley ravioli! I just e-mailed you guys yesterday! Haha time is a flying in Sao Paulo Brazil! This week is just like any other! I'm really getting into the swing of things! The language is coming really well, still progressing and the teaching is coming well also! 
         For our TRC this week we ended up teaching Brasilians!!!! Crazy because they usually don't have you teach them until week five, but we lucked out and our Brasilian roommates were who we taught and it went really well. We just taught the restoration with a big camera in our face while we could barely understand what our investigator was saying back to our questions! Haha just kidding we understood most of what they said, but it really went well!
Monday this week was killer. We taught three lessons and it just fried my brain to do that much thinking in a different language! But it went great! Sunday was good, I finally feel more comfortable with our closet sacrament meetings! On Thursday night Elder Yarn and I were waiting to teach a lesson to our instructor and instead of preparing I told him I needed some time to ponder. I just wanted to think about the gospel but for some reason home kept coming into my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about home and you all and I was getting irritated. Finally I just let it happen and I was reminded that Dad had surgery coming up. I started my fast that very second and didn't eat until dinner the next day. Dad I love you so much. The spirit is so incredible and I'm so grateful for the reminders and directions that he gives to us in our lives!
           When we first got here one of the elders said on week three everyone gets sick. We didn't believe him but guess who's sick now that its week three? This guy! Haha, three people in our district are sick but the Lord has blessed me so much with the strength and energy to carry out the days to the best of my ability. It’s been such a humbling and learning experience! Hopefully it clears up soon! Elder Yarn gave me a bunch of Dayquil to use to beat it! Last night I drank Nyquil powder and I slept so so good! Best sleep yet at the CTM! I think I am developing insomnia! jk
           We went to the temple today. Our district was put into this big ugly van without air conditioning and the rest of the elders were put into a way nice comfortable bus! It was fun because we got to take a different way and get to the temple faster and see more of Sao Paulo! Elder Yarn forgot his recommend so I thought we would just have to sit around until the other elders got out but they figured out a way to let him in! I'm so glad! It was a good time and the temple here is very small and simple but so beautiful just like all of our Lord's houses. I love the feeling!
           We had some great speakers for our Sunday and Tuesday night firesides this week. The CTM president's wife spoke about the power of priesthood and it was so good. What an incredible power Dad, Levi, Miguel and I hold. How blessed we are that Dad has been worthy to bless us with it all the time!
            Levi, they have Kinder Eggs here and on p-day we stock up the candy ma friend! Today we are gonna kinder this baby up! A mission is a lot of work man but it is the most fun thing ever also. I feel like I'm here with my best friends and being able to relax from the  world and work for the Lord is the greatest thing! Family I am so sorry I can't type fast and now my time is up! Happy Thanksgiving, its so weird to think that. We don't have that here. It’s summer and blazing hot and humid! I am so grateful for my wonderful parents; mom, dad I love you two so dang much! And for such great siblings who help me and teach me all the time!
            I Love you all so much! Have a grand week! Fight my dog for me!

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