November 14, 2012


That is perfect. That is tons of great news to hear! I got the card from Sis Degn. They are some great people. Let me excuse myself in advance for my typing mistakes. The keyboards are a lil different here and it’s difficult to get it right. I was thinking about that experience and your prompting to do that and how important it is to listen to promptings. I sent Dad a letter today with priority mail. So we'll see how long that takes!
This week has been pretty dang good! Much faster than last week! The language has been going so very well! Elder Yarn and I have been very blessed and have progressed so quickly. We had what we call a TRC on Friday. It’s kind of intimidating because they put you in a mock living room and make you teach missionaries that have been here for seven weeks or the Brasilians! Worst of all there is a camera in the corner of the room that any general authority can watch at any time to check up on the progress! But when we got the feedback the elders we taught said they could not believe how well we are speaking and that was on our twelfth day!
Sunday was pretty good! For sacrament they make everyone prepare a five min talk and when they make the announcements they say who will speak in our small branch that day. I got chosen and shared a quote from Holland and my testimony. I also prayed to close sacrament. It was a pretty good day, but I think Sundays are the hardest because I still am not used to the tiny branch and a closet for a sacrament room.
 I got a letter from Aunt Merriloy. That was so kind and I am so grateful! It was such a spiritual boost for me to be able to receive a letter I could read before p day! For p-day today we didn't get to go to the temple because the area president came and spoke for a devotional this morning. As much as I miss the temple, I was sure grateful to hear the testimony and the message he left here. Such a spiritual boost.
 I want to be a missionary that gives every last bit of myself to the Lord for his work. It’s easy to say you will before you get here but when you do it’s a whole different thing. I was reading in Ether 4 this week and it just hit home with me. All things are possible with God. Most times it just takes a little work on our part and a whole lot of faith. But what reason have we to doubt? Not one. He made this earth, He made us and He gives us miracles when we believe that they are possible.
After we did our laundry and all we went out on the streets to the market and to the photo store to print some photos. I didn't know how to say anything about photos so I kind of froze up when I got in there! It was embarrassing because usually I am the one to speak to the workers and what not. It feels so good to know that you can get your point across.
Our "investigator" is coming along well. We just challenged him to baptism. Haha it’s so funny to talk about but when you are teaching it feels quite real. I love it though. I remember when President Hansen said that I will learn the language after a trial of my faith when he set me apart. I don't know what language the spirit was referring to but I think for myself that it is the language of God and not the Portuguese language. I really have a long way to go before I could teach, I would need is His Spirit. With the power of God all and anyone with that can teach. 
           Family I love you all so much. I can't express how much your support lifts me up and strengthens me out here. It has given me some of the toughest mental battles that no man could fight without the power of God. But I love it all here. The church is so real. It is THE WAY to happiness and joy and only through our Savior and Redeemer's name can we find that. Nothing else in this world can bring that to us. No job or car or person or any amount of money can do what He does for us. I love you all so much. I have been so very blessed with many miracles in my life but the greatest of all would be our family. I love you have a wonderful week!
Love Elder Paynter

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