October 7, 2014

Hey mom,

I personally cannot remember a better conference in my life. I was so thrilled by the speakers and it seemed like almost everything was screaming my name. We had been challenging investigators to go to conference, but to first write down questions that they had about life and about help they needed. And of course we had decided to do it also. I had four big questions for me and it seemed like it was a treasure hunt, just waiting for the apostles to answer those questions and they were all answered. It was just wonderful. We watched them all in English. Except for priesthood, they only showed that one in Portuguese. There was a point where one speaker from São Paulo spoke, so we went to the Portuguese room to watch it. It was my favorite talk of all of conference, it was by Carlos A. Godoy. 

Anyways, it was a great time. We had lunch with a great family that Sunday. Their only son is on a mission. The father got us early to take us to watch the retransmission of the priesthood session on Sunday morning at 7:15. When we got there they weren’t showing it for some reason. He took us to their home and they threw a bbq for me because I am going home. They are so loving and so kind, I love them tons. After we took off to watch the first session which was at 1:00-3:00 and then the second was 5:00-7:00. After the last session, they took us to their house again, gave us dinner and dessert. We spent basically the entire day with them, and it was just a blast. We didn’t stop laughing.

Last Friday, I had my leaving interview with president. It was really weird to hear him ask "how was your mission?" instead of "how is your mission?" This Thursday we have our multizone conference, and then Friday I will be going to the temple again with the other missionaries leaving the same day I do and then we will have lunch with president and hear his counsels on life and everything else. 

It was so good to go to the temple today mom. I just felt like I was getting away from the world. And wow, the videos are so good now. I cannot wait to go with you and dad for stake temple night. It brought tears to my eyes to think about having you and dad in the same room. What a sacred place and what incredible promises that we have taken part of. Well, I love you so much, I hope that this is enough email for you. :) I love you and hope you are doing so well. I cannot wait to see you next week! Have the best week, I know I will!!!

Elder Paynter

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