December 9, 2013

Thanks so much for that email. It’s so great to hear such powerful words again. I still remember that talk but there are some key things I had forgotten. I love that phrase, it’s up on the board in our church. I absolutely love this ward, and you know what that means, now that I like where I am at I will get transferred. Ha-ha.
Well just a quick recap of these days we had, the baptism we were going to have fell through and doesn’t look like it is one that will recover, however we have a lot of great plans up ahead of us and the ward is just boiling with excitement to build the lords kingdom here on earth! This last Thursday we were out working and I wasn’t feeling good at all so we ended up going easier and I bought some meds and slept really early that night. Woke up on Friday with fire in ma bones and we worked as hard as we could that day and then at 7 we had an activity with the priesthood at the church, playing soccer and having an American bbq with hamburgers and soda. Good times. It was really productive we were able to get a lot of less active members there and get into contact with some new investigators also. I am so excited.
Saturday we went to teach a retired dentist/scientist/author that is partially deaf and it was a cool experience. I had to speak really loud and clear, and that cold stuffy sound that I have been stuck with lately helped with a little with the accent so it was a blessing. He was a really nice guy but said he wouldn’t be going back much to our church because he can’t understand anything and it’s not worth it to sit there for three hours if he can’t hear. We are trying to figure out what we can do to make it worth the while.
That afternoon we had lunch with the bishop, and it was a really cool experience to be able to get to know him better. He is a great guy and in these few short weeks he has brought a lot of great things to the ward and everyone is happy. I am just so happy to be working here with them.
Afterwards we had to go to the temple to help with a Christmas presentations that they had. There were so many people and we were helping to contact all of the non members and get their addresses and such. It was packed and it was super super hot. Especially to be wearing a suit. Nina was there and she gave me Christmas present. It was a jersey from my favorite soccer team here. I had always joked with her about her team. It was really nice of her, and I was also able to see some of the other families that we taught. It was such a great experience to be at the temple to see all of them and also to think about our family and how we are eternal. I really can’t wait to go do some ordinances there again; which we will be doing on the 17th for our Christmas mission devotional.
This week we have a huge ward activity planned for Saturday and we are going to get a bunch of investigators and less actives there and as a result, baptisms and happiness. I just am so happy to be doing the Lords work, and yeah this week was one of the toughest I have had in a long time, but I love this work. It’s so cool to see how the Lord truly is hastening it, and I never ever want to stop helping Him bring about this happiness. I love the gospel so much! I hope you all had such a great week. I am so jealous that you get to see the chubbs again, and I really miss you all. Levi a lot too, but at least Kaique is here to fill in his spot for a bit. He and Levi would get along really well. I love you family, I miss you, and God be with you!

Elder Paynter

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