March 18, 2013

Well this week has been super fast. To be honest this transfer flew by! It was only a five week transfer and the next one will be also. We got the call last night about transfers while we were at our "mom's" home celebrating Elder Permann's birthday. We sat and waited to hear what happened and it was so great to hear that we are both staying! I was so happy because I really want to find a breakthrough in this area and get it out of the pattern it has had, and also I really, really wanted to stay with Elder Permann. He is so patient and willing to teach me and help me with anything I bring to the table. I really want to better serve him this transfer and not be a burden. So last night we stayed up a little late and made some cool covers for our planners for this transfer. Anyways, we went to the area of other elders at the beginning of the week to have our zone meeting, and we stayed there and did a division with them because we had to catch a bus at five thirty the next morning to go to Campinas so Elder Permann could renew his visa and we didn't have enough money to go back to Amparo and then to Campinas the next morning. We had a great time in Campinas and it was nice to visit with some of the elders in the mission office, I also found some way good Liahona talks and loved them. 
We finally got back to Amparo and got to work. We have been working in a neighborhood that was super catholic and found just a bunch of dead ends and old unmotivated, unwilling to change, retired people. So this week we finally were able to move our area of focus to the neighborhood closest to the church, it's a much more humble area and we instantly had so much more success. We taught tons of lessons to some open minded people, and I learned a lot of things about teaching this week. It was really nice, the only problem is we couldn't get any of them to go to church and a lot of them were super iffy about baptism. But we had some good and some bad like every area. 
Our branch held a little "dance" more so just a party with old music like "Twist and Shout" and such, for the relief society birthday party. It was a really good thing and we were able to bring a lot of the members closer together with one another. It was a fun little night. Our "mom" just kept trying to feed us and made sure we had plenty to drink. Ha-ha she is hilarious. Last night she cooked a pizza for us, made a cake for Elder Permann, and another little desert, and forced us to drink three liters of Coca Cola. Every time we go there she forces us to eat and drink until we explode or hurl.
Gospel principles class this week was about the life of Christ, and it was so good. The weather was different on Sunday, a lot of fog and clouds and I woke up just feeling so good. It was such a blessing to wake up and just feel so different because I knew it was the Lords day that day. There literally was something in air and I have never felt so good on the mission. It was like everything else in the world had shut down for a while, and it was just me, Amparo, and the Lord. It was a time that my senses just peaked and I felt everything around me and I knew it was going to be a good day. It was great because of gospel principles, and I got to pass the sacrament with one of the recent convert men in our ward who I adore. It was a day packed with beauties and with no cares.
Well the weather here has really gotten cooler and yeah, I am cold right now. Thanks so much for the love family, and friends. I am excited to tell you all about the successes that we will have this week in our new neighborhood! I love you all; just remember that the only happiness in life is love for who you have.
Elder Paynter

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